Ascension of Our Lord: Reflection



We celebrate the Ascension of the Lord today. What we are celebrating is that Jesus, after His earthly mission on earth, returned to the Father who sent Him. We are celebrating a mission accomplished through hard work, courage, and faith. We are celebrating a prize finally and paid. He has preached, He has confronted the evil powers, He has died and risen for our sake, He has appeared to prove to all that He is alive, He has taken us to the upper room, He moves to attract for us the greatest gift; a fulfilment of His promise to us.  Yes, as He ascends He makes a promise to us just as our parents going away would promise us goodies while leaving us for a journey or any such thing.

Interestingly, the mission Jesus received from the Father is the same mission He sends us to actualize as He goes. In the Gospel of today, Jesus addressed the eleven: “Go into the world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation.” Jesus did this so well when His Father sent  Him, and He willingly accepted to redeem us and bring us salvation.

The heavens today are happy to welcome Him, whom they have missed for some years. Jesus takes back that position, the right hand of the Father as He in union with the Father sends out the Holy Spirit.

The purpose behind sending the Holy Spirit is to help, assist and guide as well as guard the disciples on their mission so that their own story too will be a successful one at the end of the day.



Are you down now? You’re not going to be down forever? Focus on what lies ahead. Keep on keeping on. Remain on the right path. Do not forget why you’re here. Remember, you have a mission on earth. Move with vision. Learn from the life of Jesus. He was taken up after all. You, too, will be taken up after. So, don’t let the past weigh you down. Don’t allow the present to discourage you. By God’s grace and your perseverance, you will be taken up to your expected height. Do all in the name of Christ.


We were conceived by God and created to know Him, serve Him, and live forever with Him in heaven. Jesus has shown us this way. He lived in obedience to God. He served the purpose for His being sent so well. Today, He takes His place at the right hand of the Father in glory.

What efforts are we making to live with God when our work here is done? Shall we be numbered among those who will inherit the kingdom of heaven, or are we going to miss out? God forbid!

May God bless His word in our hearts.


We glorify You, Oh Lord, as we celebrate Your Ascension into heaven. We thank You for going up before us to bring us up so that we may not be held down forever. Help us by Your grace to continue living for You here on earth, working under Your unction and actualizing the purpose of our creation. When our time is over, Oh Lord, may we too be taken up by your angels into your heavenly kingdom where we may live and reign with you forever and ever. Amen

Happy Solemnity of the Ascension of our Lord.

*Rev Fr Julian O Ekeh*