Catholic Archdiocese of Owerri school portal

The Portal is the website for Archdiocese of Owerri Catholic School administrators, pastors, teachers, staff, and volunteers (those who serve in an official role, such as Commission and committee members). It is a tool offered by the Office of Catholic Schools to facilitate communication and provide access to important Catholic school resources. Use the Register link at the top of the page to register on this site.

The school actively promote the safe use of digital technology to staff, students and parents. With this in mind we have developed the Portal which acts as a digital planner for students. It includes curriculum, homework, and behavior and achievement information at the click of a button. This will be expanded to parents over the coming months.

The Portal (Moodle) is designed to give teachers, students and parent’s access to the curriculum outside of the classroom. It will allow students to complete homework and other activities from home. As a parent you will be issued with a user name and password to give you access to your Childs behavior and attendance information.

The school is also training an online planner with JS1 & SS1Â from September 2016 through the academic session. This will allow parents to check what homework has been set and when it is due in. This username and password will be issued in the autumn term.

The Portal can be accessed by clicking the rounded green icon at the bottom of this page.

Your Registration login and pin will be needed to gain access.

Please remember to login to view specific information.

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