St. Mark’s Parish New Owerri concludes 2014 harvest and bazaar

On the 16th of November 2014, St. Mark’s Catholic Parish New Owerri, held their annual harvest and bazaar at their newly dedicated church with the theme “Harvest of Thanksgiving”.

The thanksgiving Mass was presided over by the Assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Paschal Onyeneke, assisted by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Dr. Mark Njoku and the Resident Priest, Msgr. Marcellinus Ibe.

Fr. Njoku in his homily described the First Reading which is from the Book of Proverbs as favourite for couples getting married in order to capture what they are looking for in marriage.  “Here you will see important qualities that some women are recognized with”, such as hard work, generosity and fear of God.   He debunked the belief in some cultures that a hardworking woman is suffering, adding that such belief encourages laziness.

“Human beings should work and work hard”, the priest said, adding, however that industry or hard work must be for the purpose of reaching out to other people.

“Some people make a lot of money and sit on it comfortably while there are lots of poor people around them walking about almost naked and hungry”, he lamented.

Another quality of a good woman is fear of God, which he said, is the summary of all the qualities expected of every Christian.

On the trend now that our Lord will come again and also for everybody to prepare because no one knows when he will come, Fr. Mark said,  to know when he will come is not important, adding that the most important thing is knowing whether you are ready when he comes.  He therefore advocated for what he called “dynamic vigilance”.


Sunday November 10th, 2013 marks a joyful day at St. Dominic’s Parish as the Church witnessed another bountiful Harvest of Abundance. The bazaar program wish commenced after the 10:00am Mass preached by Rev. Fr. Francis Adeyemi (Harvest Preacher) cum Pastor, Rev. Fr. Felix Onemheghie, O.P. saw a huge turnout of Parishioners, Dominicans friars, including friends from other Parishes / faiths to share in the spirit of one family in Christ. Some Dominican Friars who were present visited each stand of the Bazaar and prayed for the participated societies / visitors for their respective effort in supporting the Parish.

Different Societies / ministries in the church exhibited classified menu items, light chops and assorted drinks and wines including english and traditional music to keep visiting members glued to their stands to enjoy their prepared delicaies for affordable token in support of the Parish. The aspects of auction was not left out as most well meaning parishioners participated and donated items in aid of the Dominican Fathers and Brothers in their projected needs in the Parish including supports to other outstations and the formation house in Ibadan.

Pastor’s Harvest Message: In this Joy, Yawweh Is Not Forgotten

Since I arrived the Parish, I have noticed that Parishioners always look forward to this season, the harvest season. Going through some passages of scripture, I discovered the reason. The book of Psalms says, “They who go out with tears carrying seed for the sowing, will come back with rejoicing gathering the sheaves.” A famous author said, “From hill to hill the song of the reaper spreads, making them oblivious of their hard lot of toiling with the scythe in the withering heat of the sun.” In this joy, Yahweh is not forgotten: The harvest time is the sign and fruit of divine blessing. With this words, I welcome everyone to the grand finale of the 2013 harvest season.

The harvest period is a period of expressing one’s faith, a period of giving, a period to show support of a common project. It is also a period to rejoice and celebrate one another. Since the beginning of the harvest season, I have seen parishioners wearing joyful faces; even when some do not have enough to share with others, they are not intimidated and are still able to participate in one way or another in the joy of the harvest. Harvest is a period when most people thank the Lord for giving them work and providing the grace and strength to carryout the work during the year. Thus, St. Paul says in his letter to the Corinthians, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that plantenth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” It is during this time of harvest that we wish to say thank you to God for good health, job, the family, for protection and the security granted us in the cause of the year.

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